Top 10 Powerball jackpots and what we know: Who won and where winning tickets were bought

Millionaires and billionaires — thanks to a little game of chance called the Powerball.

It's no surprise that when lotteries roll over for weeks and months at a time, lotto fever hits us big. Is it luck? Is it strategy?

Does using the same numbers over and over again, week after week pay off?

However, this writeup includes some details about the biggest Powerball winners in the history of the game — where they bought a ticket, whether they were part of a pool, and in at least one case, how an act of kindness paid off big.

According to a story on, the ticket sold in Texas was claimed by "TL Management Trust, Andrew Weber, Trustee of Austin for $127,046,150.05 cash value."

Powerball's site states: "The ticket was purchased at the Appletree Food Mart, located at 893 E. Princeton Drive in Princeton. 

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