Treasures salvaged from a Spanish shipwreck dating back 350 years

From pirate stories to Hollywood blockbusters, tales of lost gold and ancient shipwrecks have enthralled audiences for ages. 

An exploration team found an ancient hoard from a sunken Spanish galleon, which included money.

Precious stones, and magnificent jewels previously owned by maritime knights, and it turned out to be more than just a tale.

After colliding with another vessel in its fleet and crashing onto a coral reef near the Bahamas in 1656, the Nuestra Seora de las Maravillas (or Our Lady of Wonders) went down.

King Philip IV had set aside a portion of the ship's cargo as royal fee for transportation from Cuba to Seville, Spain. 

 More than typical, the 891-ton ship was carrying riches rescued from another ship that had gone down two years before.

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