Trump insiders convinced him he lost.

Trump's senior advisers told him on Election Night 2020 that he had lost and that his accusations about voting fraud were "crazy," .

The advisors said the former president allied with a "intoxicated" Rudy Giuliani to begin the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol.

In its second hearing, the committee aired video evidence from some of Trump's closest political and legal advisors who said charges of huge fraud were "absolutely ridiculous"

Trump's attorney Eric Herschmann called Giuliani's legal allegations "absolutely insane."

Trump's former Attorney General Bill Barr was particularly verbose, using words like "idiotic," "rubbish," "nonsense," "crazy," "stupid," "silly" and "annoying" to describe fraud claims made by Trump.

Trump's former Attorney General Bill Barr used adjectives like "idiotic," "rubbish," "nonsense," "crazy," "dumb," "silly" and "annoying" to characterize fraud charges made by Trump.

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