Unearthed! A treasure trove of hidden valuables has been unearthed.

Metal detecting is a popular and often very rewarding hobby that may uncover the past and a trove of priceless artefacts. 

It has been a dream of treasure hunters throughout the globe since metal detectors began to be widely utilised for non-military reasons in the 1950s. 

 While metal detectors have long been used by archaeologists to locate artefacts buried under the soil, they've also become popular with treasure hunters hoping to find undiscovered riches. 

Terry Herbert found in 2009, in a field near Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, the greatest trove of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver workmanship ever uncovered by use of a metal detector. 

The Hoxne Hoard, discovered by Eric Lawes in 1992, is the biggest collection of late Roman silver and gold coins ever found in England.

A 14,865-coin hoard was discovered in the hamlet of Hoxne, Suffolk. In addition to the coins, archaeologists discovered silver and gold jewellery and utensils.

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