Update on Deshaun Watson: NFL corrects course after erroneous suspension decision

Without a doubt, the NFL is not Watson's ally in this situation. By appealing, the league is rejecting the six games imposed by Robinson in favour of a harsher penalty.

Watson's disciplinary hearing was conducted by Robinson, who was appointed by the NFL and NFLPA as an impartial arbiter, but the league will now have the last say following the appeal. 

Roger Goodell, the commissioner, has the option of hearing the appeal himself or by designating a different person.

It should go without saying that Watson is unlikely to win the six games on his own. What remains to be seen is how far the NFL will go.

There were rumours that the league might hand Watson a 12-game punishment as a concession. He might very well receive a full season's suspension from the NFL.

Despite the NFLPA's unavoidable opposition, the league should be able to impose the punishment it sees fit because Robinson agreed with the NFL on the breach of the personal conduct standard.

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