Wearing Shoes In the House: Right or Wrong?

"There's grime everywhere. Why not remove your shoes? Shoes removed means cleaner flooring."

Shoe removal may be difficult for visitors. "Hosts who want guests to remove their shoes shouldn't be surprised." The host should tell visitors what to anticipate.

"Don't go overboard. Offering visitors brand-new, never-used slippers is a possibility, but it shouldn't be expected. Seeing a shoe rack inside the entrance recalls and motivates me to remove them.

If visitors or family members wear shoes inside, clean up any messes. Encourage visitors to use a doormat. Microfiber mats clean shoes well.

And a quick clean-up should be enough after the party. When the guest leaves, you can use a Dust Buster to clean up the things they brought in.

"Try a day when everyone removes their shoes." Vacuum. The following day, need indoor shoes. Re-vacuum. The second day is filthy. It's so little yet incredibly helpful!"

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