What can you eat on a keto diet if you are vegan?

On a vegan keto diet, "what can you eat" and "is it feasible to blend these two limited eating habits" are the most requested questions. People may follow a keto diet for a number of reasons.

Cutting carbohydrates may help you lose weight rapidly, enhance your blood-sugar metabolism, and even lengthen your life, but a classic keto diet is almost completely animal-based.

That may seem like a deal breaker if you're a vegan, but adopting a vegan keto diet requires forethought and preparation.

Here's what we learned after asking a few experts. You must get acquainted with alternate plant-based foods while moving to a vegan keto diet. 

The most important part of this diet is getting enough protein. As we all know, animal products are thought to be a complete source of protein. However, after many studies.

Plants may also provide several of these macronutrients. Soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and yogurt, vegan butter, cashew milk and cheese, and vegan cream cheese are protein-rich.

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