After death, what happens to your body?

How does contemporary medicine define death? Electric shocks may "resurrect" individuals.

People have "came back" to life after CPR has ceased, even if they've been dead for many minutes. Most patients die soon after experiencing "the Lazarus phenomena"

When patients are "brought back" from the dead following cardiac arrest, generally by electric shocks to the heart, they might remember their short-lived "death."

All muscles relax before rigor mortis. As the sphincters relax, they may discharge the contents they've been keeping in.

Gravity may drag blood downward from a face-down corpse. Blood pools in some men's phallus, giving the corpse an erection.

15 to 25 minutes after death, the body's capillaries cease flowing blood and coloring the skin. It's the initial step of a lengthier process when the heart quits.

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