What Happens When NASCAR Brakes Fail at 120 MPH

Every race driver's worst nightmare is brake failure. In the worst case situation, it occurs towards the conclusion of a main straightaway.

On the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, reigning NASCAR champion Kyle Larson unexpectedly found himself unable to slow down for turn 1.

Although the collision still launched his car into the air and caused Dillon and him to take a fairly significant hit, Larson was able to significantly lessen the damage. 

When he collided with Dillon, Larson was travelling at a speed of about 120 MPH, according to the telemetry displayed by NBC's NASCAR broadcast.

At that speed, a wall could have been struck head-on with terrifying force.

Both Larson and Dillon were able to exit their vehicles by themselves. Additionally, after getting out of his car, Larson seemed to go looking for Dillon to apologise. 

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