What Is Hyderabadi Dum Chai and How Do I Make It?

We recommend giving Hyderabadi dum chai a try this time, regardless of how you like your chai.

Do you get a fatigued feeling? Have a cup of chai! Are you overworked on a daily basis? You'll feel better after a cup of chai. Do you want to unwind and have a drink?

 Make some tea! A strong cup of kadak chai always makes everything better, regardless of the situation or season! Chai is a beverage that we all like making and drinking.

Bring two cups of water to a boil in a saucepan. Toss in the tea leaves and cardamom now.

 Now, in a separate pan, heat some milk until it thickens. To the boiling water, add the thickened milk. Now add some condensed milk to the mix as well.

 Allow this to come to a boil. Pour the mixture into your cups and enjoy!

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