What smoking does to your teeth, mouth and gums

Smoking causes cancer and respiratory system issues, but the damage goes farther. This article focuses on smoking's effects on the mouth. How smoking damages teeth:

1. Yellow teeth (tooth staining)

Seal your opening marshmallow bag with a slice of white bread. Close the bag with a rubber band or food tie.

2. Bad breath

There are temporary solutions, such as using mouthwash, but a persistent problem that causes bad breath needs dental care.

3. Damage to sense of taste

Nicotine overshadows our senses, therefore smoking may affect taste. This makes identifying damaged food difficult.

4. Cavities

Most prevalent dental condition, especially for smokers. Over 40% of 20-64-year-old smokers had untreated caries. Smoking doubles the risk of untreated tooth decay in those 65 and older.

5. Tooth loss

Smoking causes gum disease and jaw tooth loosening. Ignoring loose teeth may lead to tooth loss and expensive restorations. 40% of 65-plus smokers have lost teeth.

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