When a shark swims in shallow water near youngsters in Florida, a man's leg is "shredded."

In what seemed to be a shark attack, Aman came from the water with his leg in'shreds', as multiple sharks were seen swimming near youngsters at a Florida beach.

On Saturday afternoon, beachgoers along Jacksonville's waterfront started to cry out for aid as a guy yanked out a hand in the air.

There was blood in the water and a seven-foot shadow, according to Robert Alexander, a witness.

By the time Alexander realised what was happening, he had 'tunnel vision' and grabbed the boy and placed him on a boogie board, he said.

Shin to foot of the victim were 'very much in tatters,' Alexander said of the damage.

'As we dragged him to shore, his foot dangled precariously. As he proceeded, I saw his foot was still. 

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