When it comes to launching its Artemis I mission, NASA is "in the home stretch."

As the Space Launch System (SLS), the most potent rocket in the world, and the Orion spacecraft are set to be delivered to the launch pad in only two weeks,

 NASA is "in the last stretch" of launching its Artemis I mission.This is the Artemis generation, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated during a briefing on Wednesday.

We belonged to the Apollo generation, but this astronaut belongs to a new generation. And to those of us who look up at the moon

and imagine the day when humans will set foot on the lunar surface, we are here. We are returning, and Artemis I is where that journey—our journey—begins.

The mission will launch on August 29 at 8:33 a.m. ET, and the American space agency conducted the news conference to outline what the world will see when the mission begins.

The 8.8 million pounds of thrust produced by the 32-story-tall rocket's liftoff will enable it to ascend to the atmosphere before separating from the Orion spacecraft eight minutes later.

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