When NASCAR Brakes Fail at 120 MPH.

Every racing driver's worst dread is a brake failure. When it occurs at the end of a major straightaway, it's a worst case situation.

It happened to reigning NASCAR champion Kyle Larson today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, when he found himself unable to slow down for the first turn.

It seemed as though Larson slammed on the brakes twice without slowing down at all in the braking zone.

 As a result, he was forced to react quickly to slow down the pace of what had already been an imminent and major collision. 

Larson tries to miss the turn and blast off into the runoff area despite being considerably farther away from the right side wall, which may have slowed him with a side hit with a tyre wall.

He hits Ty Dillon's No. 42 Chevrolet at an angle at the corner's apex throughout the process.

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