Where do electrons' spin-energy come from?

Quantum mechanics explains why electrons spin forever.
An atom is a compact nucleus surrounded by buzzing electrons. How do electrons maintain spinning around the nucleus without slowing?

This topic dominated the early 20th century, and the hunt for a solution led to quantum mechanics. After innumerable tests, scientists began to piece together an atom image in the early 20th century

Each atom has a dense, positively charged nucleus surrounded by small, negatively charged electrons. After getting a broad idea, they created a comprehensive model.

Quantum mechanics explains electrons' lowest and maximum orbits. Electrons are matter particles and waves. An electron orbits the nucleus like a planet or a wave.

Laws govern confined waves. Standing waves must fit the space's size. If you pin down guitar string ends, only certain wavelengths will fit, giving you sounds.

Quantum mechanical nature won't allow an electron take up less space, hence it can't move closer to a nucleus.

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