Which U.S. state is the biggest beer consumer?

Using statistics from 2020, Montana ranked second in beer consumption per adult, with 41.1 gallons, followed by North Dakota (37.5), South Dakota (37.3), and Vermont (37.3). (34).

Maryland (19.7 gallons per capita), Connecticut (19.8), New Jersey (20), Utah (20) and Rhode Island (20) have almost doubled their consumption rates (20.1).

With the third summer of the epidemic coming, many believe Americans are drinking more to cope.

According to Beer Institute President and CEO Jim McGreevy, many people believe individuals sat at home drinking more beer during the epidemic.

“While several news sources incorrectly indicated that beer consumption rose during quarantine, this is untrue.

Following the COVID-19 epidemic, numerous meeting places serving tap beer have had to shut or reduce their operating capacity.

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