Which vitamin deficiency results in facial spots?

Deficiency in Vitamin CIt is essential to maintain an adequate level of vitamin C in the body in order to keep the skin healthy. 

It aids in the healing of wounds and the regeneration of skin. Many times, a lack of vitamin C in the body causes a red rash to appear, which then leaves markings on the face.

Deficiency in Vitamin B12
White patches on the face are often seen. This might indicate a deficiency in vitamin B12. 

If this is the case, you should consume milk and milk products, as well as fish, shellfish, pork, and eggs. They'll help you get rid of white spots rapidly since they're high in Vitamin B12.

Deficiency in Vitamin B6
You may see white patches on your face if you have a Vitamin B6 deficiency in your body. 

When you don't get enough Vitamin A in your body, it shows up on your face. Dark circles on the cheeks and dark circles around the eyes are frequent signs. 

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