Why are hornets being renamed "murder hornets?"

Is it better to say "cancelled" or "cancelled"?Right now, it's just too hot for your dog to spend much time outdoors.

A new common name has been coined for Asian giant hornets (Vespa mandarina) that have become an invasive species in the Pacific Northwest.

An Alamy Stock Photo by Phil Degginger. Asian giant hornets, or Vespa mandarinia, are now known as northern giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest.

A media sensation was created in 2020 when Asian gigantic hornets landed in the Pacific Northwest and were called "murder hornets."

However, media attention to the species—which is endemic to East Asia—and its moniker fueled popular anxiety.

Sales of hornet-killing chemicals surged when many native wasps were accidentally killed. For one thing, hornets are known for killing their victims. 

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