Why Does Lobster Cost So Much?

There’s a moment in Mystic Pizza when Julia Roberts’ character Daisy opens up her mother’s fridge and it’s packed with lobster.

When I see a $20 grocery lobster tail or a $30 food truck lobster roll, I remember that moment.

Even while these items are more expensive in the Midwest and other non-coastal locations, they're still expensive everywhere, and lobster is a high-end, special-occasions feast.

So many lobsters washed ashore that they were simple to capture. After decades of New Englanders consuming all the lobsters they could obtain, plus the growing U.S. population, there aren't enough.

Lobster fishing nowadays is complex. The crustaceans develop slowly, consume a lot, and are disease-prone, according to Insider.

A lot of technology is used to raise and send lobsters alive across the nation.

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