Why more black people want to own guns to feel safer?

Michael Moody reconsidered gun ownership when a white guy massacred 10 Black people in Buffalo last month. He saw the victims' families' grief on TV and decided he "wanted a gun."

Moody left his suburban D.C. home to purchase a gun after telling his wife. He realized he wasn't alone. He was "stunned" at how many Black individuals were in line to buy guns in Maryland.

Moody found "many of us share the same notion" while waiting. When Black folks are targeted, things are awful. Prepare to battle. You can't win a firefight with a knife."

Gun sales to Black Americans jumped 58% in 2020, the year George Floyd was killed by a Minnesota police officer, triggering a social justice movement.

In the first quarter of 2021, 90% of gun stores reported an increase in Black clients, including 87% of Black women.

Black gun owners, old and new, believe the spike is due to a fear of being targeted like in Buffalo or when nine Black church members were slain by a white supremacist.

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