Why Sprite won't use green bottles

Americans have "obeyed their thirst" for nearly 60 years by grabbing for a green bottle of Sprite. Sprite is the world's 12th "most valuable soft drink brand,"

and 46% of 18- to 29-year-olds consumed it over a four-week period in 2018. (via Statista). Some facts about this legendary brand may surprise you.

Sprite has had a long and interesting existence. It's ditching green for clear bottles. Why will future Sprite bottles appear different?

Sprite will be marketed in transparent bottles in the U.S. and Canada starting August 1, according to Food & Wine. Why did they drop the green packaging? NBC News reports that

the present green bottles are recyclable, but cannot be made into new bottles owing to their hue. By switching to colourless bottles, Coca-Cola will enable a 

 "circular economy for plastic" and save 20 million pounds of new plastic and 25,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2023.

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