Wire Color Codes

Black is "hot." They transport power from the electrical panel to a lamp, appliance, or other item. There's no NEC requirement that hot wires be black, although home usage prefers black.

Hot red wires. Air conditioners need 240 volts, which requires two hot wires. One hot is black, the other red. Red wires may be switch legs if a gadget needs two. 

White and grey are grounded neutrals. The neutral returns power to the panel when a black or red wire powers a light, appliance, or gadget. The procedure loops forever.

Ground wires are green, green with yellow lines, or bare. Aluminum is also a frequent ground wire material. Normal circuits don't need ground wires. Test them before cutting or disconnecting

In three- and four-way switches, blue and yellow wires are sometimes traveller wires. Sometimes they're employed as switch legs, especially if your home's electrical lines flow through pipes.

Orange, brown, pink, and violet complete the list.In U.S. houses, orange is utilised as a red wire, especially in 240-volt circuits with two hot wires. The fire alarm circuit included orange cables.

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