With These Tips, You Can Improve The Taste Of Your Favorite Meals

Technique for Pan-Searing
You can sear any meat or seafood in a pan with a lot of butter and herbs whenever you're cooking it.

Onions Caramelized
To bring out the natural sweetness of sliced onions, caramelise them in a small bit of oil over low heat.

Later, add the lemon.
Lemon has a refreshing acidity that can enhance or balance the flavour of any dish.

When you're preparing to pan fry or grill something, especially meats, marinating it is essential.

Don't Be Afraid of Butter
Yes, we all know that too much butter is bad for you, but you can use it to enhance the flavour of your dishes on occasion.

Roasting veggies is a simple way to add a lot of flavour to them, and it can convert even the most staunch vegetable hater.

How to Make Saag in the Pahadi Style

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