Wolf kills 9-year-old and injures his friend

A wolf attacked a 9-year-old child and another as they were swimming near a woodland. The wolf tore chunks of meat from the surviving boy's neck and leg.

His friend's mutilated body was located in a wooded location following the July 28 attack in Kidero, Dagestan, southern Russia.
Third friend was unharmed.

The 7-9-year-olds were swimming when the wolf attacked.
The boy's hospital photos reveal a mass of flesh hanging from his neck.
Another displays a big leg wound.

"Children were bathing in the river's backwaters. One boy was bitten by the wild animal (he was hospitalised), another escaped, and a third, 9-year-old boy, was carried into the forest.

Police and local neighbours searched for the boy for an hour before finding his body in the forest.
Ministry: "Condolences to the boy's family and friends! Child, be well soon!"

The Ministry afterwards said: "The second boy is safe."He'll be taken to Makhachkala for treatment "The Ministry urged netizens to "not share misleading information" since it "hurts caring people."

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