World's deadliest dishes are delicious

Ackee.Jamaica's national cuisine, ackee and saltfish, combines the fruit with salty codfish. Unripe ackee is dangerous. Prematurely picked fruit and seeds include the poisons hypoglycin A and B.

A name like blood clams suggests peril. The mollusks' red hue, generated by high quantities of haemoglobin, is not what makes them dangerous.  Boiling kills any bacterium.

Cashews may surprise you on this list. Unprocessed cashews contain urushiol, a poison ivy toxin. In excessive dosages, it may be fatal.if they haven't been seasoned or roasted are safe to consume.

Fermented and salted fish dish fesikh is customarily eaten at the Egyptian spring holiday Sham el-Nessim. Alexandria, Egypt, had 70 hospitalizations and 1 death in 2019.

Jellyfish are known for their sting, yet they're also eaten. It must be human-edible and properly prepared. The Mediterranean mauve stinger is edible.

Elderberries are purple-black berries that grow on elder trees in Europe and America. Elderberry cordial and wine need adequate cooking. berries, bark, and leaves contain cyanide.

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