Never dry heat nonstick cookware

Every kitchen needs nonstick cookware. Even home cooks who swear by cast iron or dutch ovens realize certain foods are better on a nonstick pan.

An omelet is simpler to make on a nonstick pan than a cast-iron skillet. Even well-seasoned cast iron clings to eggs and other sticky foods.

Nonstick surfaces enable eggs to lift effortlessly, creating a fluffy shell for whatever's within. Sticky eggs may encourage you to wet your cast iron, ruining the seasoning.

Never dry-heat nonstick cookware. Dry heating means heating a skillet without adding oil or food.

Nonstick uses thin, fast-heating materials. This implies the pan may reach a dangerous temperature in a few seconds.

Without butter or oil, a pan's nonstick coating might overheat and create toxic gases.

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