The Easy Trick That Keeps Peaches From Browning

The Easy Trick That Keeps Peaches From Browning

It’s the perfect time of year to include peaches into your culinary repertoire. The summer is the best time to eat this stone fruit, according to Lane Southern Orchards. Since the United States produces 690,000 tons of peaches annually, they are simple to buy in grocery stores and at roadside stands. According to Clemson University, even though Georgia is often thought of as being linked with this fruit, peaches really originated in China. This may come as a surprise to you. This delicious and luscious fruit did not arrive in Georgia until 1571, when Franciscan monks carried it to the state’s coastal islands. Prior to that, it had not been found in the state (via New Georgia Encyclopedia). Peach pie, peach cobbler, peach salsa, and peach preserves are some of our favorite foods to consume these days. They are delicious tossed into salads, paired with grilled meats, and added to sangria. Peaches are a wonderful fruit.

If, on the other hand, you like eating peaches, you are aware that once you cut into this fruit, you must either consume it or watch it turn brown on its own. According to the site Mrs. Wages, this unattractive shift in hue is just the consequence of enzymes oxidizing over time. According to Our Everyday Life, the method that is most often used to prevent this from occurring is to apply a little amount of lemon juice to the affected fruit. Unfortunately, those peaches of yours will take on some of that lemony taste as well. But now, as a result of social media, we are able to share with you a tip that will preserve your peaches smelling and tasting as if they are still crisp and new.

The Mystery Can Be Solved With Club Soda

Cortney LaCorte, also known as Cheese Gal, is credited with being the person who inspired Nicole Modic, also known as Kale Junkie on Instagram, to reveal that club soda may be the secret to keeping your peaches in pristine condition. Nicole Modic gave a hat tip to Cortney LaCorte for inspiring the trick. The life hack was performed for ABC News by Modic, who said that if you soak your cut-up peaches in club soda for only five minutes, you can keep them in a jar with a lid for up to five days without the gorgeous fruit turning brown. The hack was demonstrated.

More than 10,000 people have liked Modic’s article, and there has been a lot of discussion about it. One of the followers commented in a hilarious manner, “What the actual f***!!! Amazing! And then I had the brilliant idea to just soak them in red wine, as we Italians do!” Another person posed the question, “Would plain sparkling water work for this, or is club soda really necessary?” Modic said that to me, “Club soda is the only option. Because of the bicarbonate of sodium!” Another follower was moved to inquire if or whether a “light baking soda solution” might work as a result of this, to which the IGer responded, “Perhaps.”

It seems like the perfect opportunity for a little bit of scientific investigation! According to Modic, if you do soak your peaches in club soda, you will not only be left with peach-flavored fruit, but you will also have a drink to enjoy.

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