The kitchen tool that scares so many home cooks!

When one really gives it some thought, the kitchen can be quite a terrifying place to be in. The typical kitchen is not a place for those who are easily startled since it is crammed with things that are noisy and spiky, as well as equipment and items that are meant to release heat. The kitchen may give off the impression that it is a location that is inhabited by hazardous objects. Whether you are terrified of your pressure cooker’s top coming off, your deep fryer exploding into flames, or your garburator biting your hand, the kitchen can give off this impression. Even a little misstep with the knife might result in the loss of a finger.

Furthermore, there is some basis for your concerns. The Beaumont Emergency Hospital in Texas reports that around 66 per cent of home fires start in the kitchen, resulting in 480 fatalities every year. Additionally, the hospital reports that 350,000 people are wounded by knives. And according to New Yorker Bagels, there were 2,000 cases of individuals cutting themselves while trying to cut a bagel in a single year. In addition, a lot of the non-stick coatings we use have chemicals in them that have been linked to liver damage, cancer, and infertility (per Cooking Light). Even the apparently harmless chopping boards that we have here pose a risk. After all, cross-contamination is the root cause of many incidents of food poisoning, and the majority of the time it is because cutting surfaces were not adequately cleaned.

It’s possible that your kitchen is the most important room in your house and the typical “happy place,” but let’s be honest: If you aren’t cautious, it can also be a dangerous place to work. And if you have one of these devices in your kitchen, you could even be able to terrify the most hardened of professional cooks — yikes! But what kind of technology could possibly make even the experts nervous?

Recently, TikTok from the Food Network uploaded a clip in which Chef Jet Tila revealed what he considers to be the most terrifying piece of kitchen equipment. While the camera focuses on a hesitating hand slicing an apple with a mandoline, Tila says, “Show this to a chef to truly send a shiver down his spine.” Commenters are in agreement that this cutting instrument that resembles a jet seems like it’s just asking for trouble waiting to come. It would seem that the mandoline has acquired its image as a particularly frightening piece of equipment, given responses such as “every chef has the scar” and “this makes me queasy.” Additionally, some individuals have admitted to having severed their fingers with this cruel appliance.

MyRecipes echoes this sentiment, stating that the mandoline occupies the number one slot on their list of the Six Most Dangerous Kitchen Tools: “Don’t go out and get one. If you are given one, do not take it.” The opinion is shared by Bravo TV, which explains that the blade’s extreme sharpness “may easily slice through your palm.” When it comes to the kitchen, many users of Reddit have had a difficult time mastering the art of using this tool.

It may come as a surprise to you to find that many chefs prefer to steer clear of these “flesh-gashers” since they seem to be evil-looking contraptions that are sometimes featured on culinary shows. However, it is probable that you have seen these devices. How is it that the individuals on TV are able to utilize it so proficiently without sacrificing a significant part of themselves?

Gloves with a cut-resistant coating might save your hand from being severed.

Many readers are probably yelling, “Use the slicing guard!” but many people who operate mandolines feel that they are uncomfortable to use and that the food doesn’t stay on the mandoline very well (per Taste of Home). It is true that using anything that is less convenient is preferable to suffering the loss of a finger. Because you don’t want to have to learn this lesson the hard way, getting accustomed to utilizing the built-in safety mechanism of the mandoline as soon as possible is quite vital. It is suggested by Cooking Light that you become accustomed to the mandoline by practising on cucumbers or zucchini because these vegetables are simple to cut. The publication also suggests that you “push the food across the blade with your palm or guard” rather than pulling it and that you only trim one end of the food so that you will have something to hold onto. In addition, Taste of Home recommends investing in some gloves that are resistant to cuts.

However, not many cooks are afraid of this slicer; in fact, it is the one piece of cookware that Samin Norsat just cannot function in the kitchen without. If you have always desired to overcome the scary nature of this piece of equipment, maybe the following safety recommendations will help you keep your hand intact as you do so. No one would blame you if you continued to be wary of this dangerous tool, which is so intimidating that even Chef Tila is shaken by its presence. It’s probable that you’ve become fond of your fingers and would want to preserve them in their current state.

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