The Strange Pizza Topping That Has Gone Viral

The Strange Pizza Topping That Has Gone Viral

No one doesn’t like a piece of pizza. With a base of tangy tomato sauce, melted cheese, and a drizzle of oregano or basil, the soft (or crispy) crust is the perfect snack or meal. It goes well with a fresh salad, a glass of wine, or a fun group of friends. Pizza is popular all over the world, is a great symbol of Italian food, and has become a must-have in every American home in the last few decades. There are pizzas for every age, every budget, and every diet, and they can have so many different toppings, like pepperoni, pesto, bacon, and other things you probably haven’t tried.

But this is where the disagreements begin. Some people have always thought that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, while others love this acidic fruit on their pizza. Some people think the best pizza toppings are mushrooms, artichokes, clams, and sun-dried tomatoes, while others can’t even look at a pizza with anchovies on it.

Most of these toppings may start out as a fad or a novelty, but the Washington Post thinks there’s an American favorite that will be the next big thing on pizza. It’s different, salty, tangy, and even sour, and the Department of Agriculture says that Americans eat 8.5 lbs of it every year (via Mental Floss). Say hello to pickle pizza.

Pickle pizza is here to stay, says the Washington Post. It is often served with cheese, dill pickles, and any other kind of seasoning over white sauce instead of tomato sauce. It started to be sold at local state fairs as a traditional pizza with a tangy twist. Now, pizza shops all over the country use it as a topping. But the first one was made at Rhino’s Pizzeria in Rochester, New York, which made this idea famous.

More dill was put on this pizza, and then it was photographed for social media, where it went viral. NBC New York says it reached over 86,000 shares and 32,000 comments, with plenty of views. Then, lots of people from out of state came to try the dill pizza, and Rhino’s later started selling their famous sauce online.

You might think that the oven softens the pickles and makes them mushy, but food blogger Beryl Shereshewsky said that after baking, the pickles were still very crunchy and gave the slice a “10 out of 10.” People have different opinions about pickle pizza, and we think you should try it for yourself before making up your mind. If your local pizza place doesn’t offer this kind of pizza yet, add some crunchy, refrigerated pickles to your favorite pizza recipe.

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