This Tip Will Change The Way You Cut Your Avocados

This Tip Will Change The Way You Cut Your Avocados

A slice of buttery avocado may be added to almost any dish, including breakfast cereal, sandwiches, eggs, salads, cereals, and even dessert. The tough exterior of this fleshy fruit must first be removed in order to access the part of the fruit that can be eaten. Cutting through the lumpy skin and probing into the tissue below is the typical approach used for this.

The majority of us slice avocados without giving it much attention; all you need to do is firmly grasp the fruit in one hand and cut it lengthwise. After that, you should aim to hit the pit with your knife in order to separate it from the green flesh of the avocado. This is done with a little of delicacy. However, this is not something that occurs every time. Sometimes the unripe superfood will retain the pits securely in place, or even worse, you can miss the pit altogether and risk cutting your hand on something sharp.

What if, though, we told you that there is a more effective method to get the guacamole ready for the party that’s happening tonight? According to Insider, using this method makes it possible to quickly and efficiently remove pits from ripe avocados without the need to use a knife or spoon to dig anything out of the avocado.

A Refreshingly Original Take on an Ageless Classic

The tried-and-true approach is always appealing, yet efficiency may sometimes manifest itself in surprising ways. Take fruit, for instance, as an example, and consider some of the well-known tricks that might assist you in slicing apples in a more sanitary manner. To chop ripe avocados, we are going to employ a method that is similar to the previous one.

Turn the fruit so that it is horizontal and cut it across rather than cutting it vertically, as recommended by Insider. Many people make the mistake of cutting avocados vertically. You can remove the pit from the avocado more quickly and simply if you split it in half first. One source claims that all it takes is a little push on the part of the avocado that is still retaining the pit for the pit to come out. In addition to this, you may use this method to cut elegant avocado rings without causing any damage to the avocado flesh itself.

If you cut an avocado in half horizontally, the parts of the avocado that you don’t immediately consume will stay more perishable for a longer period of time. Why? According to Food52, slicing an avocado lengthwise exposes less of the fruit’s flesh than cutting it across does. This results in less oxidation, which slows down the browning process for avocados (as well as apples and potatoes).

Also, with perfectly cut avocado rings, your salads may seem more inviting and desserts can be ornately decorated with ease. Not to mention the delicious avocado chips that will emerge from your kitchen very soon in their ideal form. It seems like a win-win situation. Get ready for an avocado twist that will alter the game!

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