Watermelon storage tips to keep it fresh and juicy!

Watermelon storage tips to keep it fresh and juicy!

There is no greater delight than that of biting into a sugary and juicy watermelon during the summer. The taste, the texture, and the gorgeous colour were all very pleasing. It’s the best there is! But many of us who like watermelon have had the unfortunate experience of biting into a piece that was bland, starchy, and lacking in taste; it was a huge letdown. With these storage suggestions, you can ensure that your watermelon will remain flavorful and fresh throughout the season.

Where to Purchase a Watermelon

The first thing you need to do to keep the freshness of your watermelon is to get a good watermelon. You want to start with a watermelon that has a hard shell, regardless of the size or number of seeds that you want to plant. It is considered to be of poor quality if your finger can be inserted into it. You should look for a watermelon that is devoid of dents and cuts, since these may also cause the fruit to ripen too quickly.

It should have a hollow sound, like tapping on a drum, when you tap on your watermelon. This indicates that there is exquisite fruit and juice ready to be released from inside.

How to Preserve Watermelon for Later Use

Keep your watermelon on the countertop, but move it so that it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight if you’re not going to eat it straight away. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) advises that melons be kept at room temperature in order to preserve their taste and nutritional value. If there is air conditioning in the house or the weather is mild, a fresh watermelon may be left out on the counter for up to two weeks without spoiling. When it comes to storing a whole watermelon, the Watermelon Board recommends maintaining the fruit at a temperature of around 55 degrees.

Don’t freak out if the watermelon you bought is ready to eat but you don’t have time to consume it. But you shouldn’t cut it either. Place the watermelon in its whole inside the refrigerator; there, it will maintain its quality for another two to three weeks. The ripening process will be slowed down as a result of the refrigerator’s chilly temperature.

How to Maintain the Quality of Cut Watermelon

Is it time to cut? After giving the outside of your watermelon a good cleaning, slice the bottom of the rind off using a sharp chef’s knife or cleaver. This will provide a smooth surface on which to carve the remainder of the watermelon. You have the option of using a melon baller, cutting the watermelon into the form of a pie, or cutting it into cubes. If you like eating your melon chilled, just place the freshly cut slices in the refrigerator for one hour before serving. Make sure that all of the watermelons that has been sliced is firmly wrapped, either in an airtight food storage container or with plastic wrap (or an environmentally friendly option). This will ensure that the watermelon maintains its texture and juiciness.

How to Preserve Juice from Watermelon

Because watermelon juice tastes best when chilled, you should store it in the refrigerator in a container that can be sealed for up to four days. Before you consume it, give it a good shake since the liquid may have separated somewhat.

How to Preserve the Skin of a Watermelon

Consider using it for pickling instead of tossing it in the trash once you’ve removed it from the watermelon flesh. The rind of the pickled watermelon is a popular condiment in the South and may be used in a wide range of recipes or just consumed as a snack on its own. Rind Headquarters, operated by the Watermelon Board, is replete with amusing suggestions geared at customers who are interested in experimenting with their rinds. You may roast it, braise it, crush it into a gazpacho, shred it for a quiche, use it as an accessory for charcuterie, and many other things. You may have just found your new go-to ingredient: watermelon rind. Not only can it be used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury meals, but because you already purchased the watermelon, using the rind is essentially like getting something for free.

Can You Freeze Watermelon?

It is possible to freeze watermelon, but you should not attempt to freeze the fruit on its whole. When stored in the freezer, a full watermelon will get dirty, it will be hard to cut into without first being defrosted (at which point it would be very mushy), and, depending on the amount of juice it contains, it may even explode in your freezer.

Having said that, freezing watermelon may provide fairly tasty results and is an excellent method for reducing the amount of food that is wasted. The shelf life of watermelon that has been frozen and stored in the freezer is about one year. To ensure that your watermelon stays fresh when frozen, follow these steps:

The melon should be cut into bite-sized pieces. The greatest shape to utilize is one that can be easily incorporated into a number of different recipes, such as balls or cubes.

The seeds should be removed.

Make sure that the watermelon chunks don’t come into contact with one another when you lay them out on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.
Put the dish in the freezer for a few hours to get a quick-freezing effect on the pieces. When they have reached a solid-state, you will know that they have been frozen.
The watermelon chunks should be transferred to a container or storage bag that is suitable for the freezer, given a date label, and then placed in the freezer.
You may use these watermelon bits, which still have a delectable flavour, in refreshing cool summer beverages such as sparkling water, lemonade, or seasonal cocktails. A tasty and pleasant dessert may be made by squeezing watermelon juice into popsicle moulds after the fruit has been juiced. Smoothies and blended drinks made with frozen watermelon may also be a delectable way to enjoy this fruit.

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