Why you might want to try drinking your Old Fashioned warm

Why you might want to try drinking your Old Fashioned warm?

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that is served at many supper clubs. It is the ideal beverage to order in a high-end restaurant with a steak or a piece of prime rib, both of which are available there. The Old Fashioned, despite its lack of complexity, has maintained its status as the most popular alcoholic beverage for decades. Mixologists who like experimenting with the Old Fashioned’s key components have lately breathed fresh vitality into the cocktail, giving it a new lease of life in the process.

An Old Fashioned with an orange twist and a cherry on top.

They have progressed beyond the question of whether or not it should be prepared with whiskey or bourbon. These days, it’s often mixed using flavoured whiskeys or even tequila instead of whiskey. Even though the Old Fashioned is served with a fruit garnish every time, traditionally an orange slice and a maraschino cherry, some bartenders have been known to experiment with various fruit garnishes, including blackberries and lemon.

According to Bevvy, the formula for an Old Fashioned is always being reimagined; nonetheless, the very first version of the cocktail was documented around the beginning of the 1800s. The drink’s popularity has ebbed and flowed throughout the course of history, depending on the era. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that the drink was finally accorded the respect it deserved and was acknowledged as a classic among American mixed drinks. Although the majority of iterations of the Old Fashioned change the ingredients, there is one recipe that you should think about trying that changes the temperature of the drink.

A Chilled Classic Old-Fashioned

The standard Old Fashioned cocktail is often served over ice, but there is also a variation on the drink that asks for it to be served on the rocks or even hot. The warm form of the drink is perfect for a night when the temperature is on the lower end. To make a traditional Old Fashioned, all you need to do is add some hot water to the glass. The tastes of the cocktail are amped up when some hot water is added to the mix of ingredients for the drink.

You might alternatively bring the water to a simmer in a small saucepan by heating it over medium heat until it reaches that point. The sugar should first be dissolved in the hot water by stirring it, followed by the addition of the bourbon or whiskey and the bitters. Finally, the drink should be poured into glasses and garnished with fresh fruit. Last but not least, savor an Old Fashioned, ideally on a brisk winter evening when you could use a little more warmth.

Add some hot water to your Old Fashioned the next time you want a warm drink, and don’t be afraid to let loose and have some fun doing it. It’s possible that the updated version will become your favorite.

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