Why You Should Try Slicing Hot Dogs Before Grilling

Why You Should Try Slicing Hot Dogs Before Grilling

An American summer isn’t complete without a good hot dog, and that’s just the way it is. The majority of the events that take place over the season seem insufficient without them. As the temperature climbs, they have become an almost essential component of Fourth of July festivities, ball games, and pool parties held all throughout the United States. They are hearty enough to relieve hunger pangs, tiny enough to grab and go between activities, and diverse enough to fit any appetite with toppings that vary from chilli sauce to jalapeno relish and fried pickles. All of these qualities make them ideal for satisfying hunger pangs. Your go-to way of cooking a bunch of hot dogs on the barbecue should probably be revised now that summer is just around the corner.

Although hot dogs have been consumed as part of the American diet at least since the establishment of the first Coney Island hot dog stand in the year 1870, this does not imply that it is too late to reconsider the manner in which they are prepared (via The Culture Trip). Throwing hot dogs on the grill and then eating them is not that difficult; just do it. It’s one of the things that draws people to them. According to Serious Eats, the majority of them have already been cooked, so they do not need a significant amount of time on the grill; they are, in essence, being reheated. During the Summer, those who want a snack that is juicier and crispier could try slicing their hot dogs. This will help those who want to improve their hot dog grilling game.

If you give hot dogs a gentle scoring with a knife, they will cook more evenly without losing any of their liquids, as stated in an article from Serious Eats. Because they aren’t cooking uniformly, hot dogs may lose their shape immediately after being removed from the grill. This is a sign that the dogs have been undercooked. It takes an excessive amount of time to adequately heat the inside, and the surface of the outside ends up drying up after it has been allowed to set. Before placing the hot dogs on the grill, you should cut shallow slices into two sides that are opposite one another. This will expose the middle of the dog to a greater amount of heat. This enables the food to be cooked thoroughly without the outside being charred in the process.

According to Serious Eats, you must use hot dogs without skin in order to prepare this dish properly. The vast majority of hot dogs that can be purchased in shops are prepared by utilizing a synthetic casing, which is then removed before they are sold to customers. These are skinless hot dogs, as opposed to those that come in natural casings, which are more difficult to come by and do not lend themselves as well to slicing. Those who are interested in attempting a dog that has a natural casing have the option of choosing a Danish replier, which normally has a natural sheep casing. This is a case of mold.

Those who are interested in taking things to the next level may spiralize their hot dog to get an inside and outside that is flawlessly scorched. They are not only appealing to the eye but also to the taste, and they have a variety of nooks and crannies that may be stuffed with various toppings.

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